State Museum of the History of St Petersburg. Collection Highlights

Temporary exhibitions Peter and Paul fortress
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State Museum of the History of St Petersburg. Collection Highlights from 15 November 2018 to 29 September 2019 Peter and Paul Fortress, Engineers' House

The State Museum of the History of St Petersburg is one of the city's largest museums with more than a century-old history and extensive collections. The anniversary edition showcases the museum's collection in all its diversity. The total number of items, stored in the vaults of the museum, surpasses one and a half million. They include paintings, graphics, physical artefacts, documents, photographs, and postcards, especially representing each of the museum's collections. The exhibition displays 300 items, which without doubt can be called the masterpieces of the museums' collection.

In 1907, the Society of Architect-Artists initiated a Commission for the Study of Old Petersburg. Its purpose was to protect architectural monuments from damage and destruction. When loss could not be avoided, the Commission took measurements and photographs, and preserved decorative parts of the buildings and structures. The compilation of photographs, drawings, and architectural details became the foundation for the Museum of Old Petersburg's collection.

The State Museum of the History of St Petersburg currently owns a rich collection with promising potential for scientific research and exhibition work. Special features of the collection structure are closely related to the history of the museum's formation and specialisation. The preserved pieces from the Museum of Old Petersburg and the City Museum form the foundation for the collections, which were later significantly enlarged. At present, the museum has 28 collections divided according to the type of storage items. The collection stores exhibits of differing values, from mass-produced items to unique works by distinguished creators. Part of them primarily have a memorial value, whereas others have significant historical or artistic worth. Some exhibits are not actively displayed at the museum and remain unknown to the public, even though they possess all the necessary qualities. We would like to showcase these items in this album.

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