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Memorial Display Memorial display is located on the third floor of the flat 21, which was occupied by Alexander Blok and his wife from 1912 to 1920. This flat is connected with the most fruitful period of his work. Here he wrote the cycles of poems «Of What the Wind Sings», «The Life of My Friend», «Black Blood», «Jambs», «Carmen», poems «Nightingale's Garden» и «The Twelve», the drama «The Rose and the Cross», and numerous articles; here he started his poem «Requital», cycles of poems «Italian Verses» and «In Twelve Years».

The interiors of the study, the dining room, the beedroom and the room of Alexander Blok's wife were recreated according to the memoirs of the poet's contemporaries.  Personal belongings of Alexander Blok and his relatives on loan from the Museum of the Institute of Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences are on display.