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17 November 2017

VI Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum


State Museum of the history of St Petersburg

Norilsk Nickel


Roundtable discussion “Development of the northern region – museum history”

November 17, 2017


Venue: Peter and Paul Fortress, Conference hall of Ioannovsky Ravelin


Dear colleagues!

        The State Museum of the History of St Petersburg invites you to take part in the roundtable discussion on the topic of the development of the “Russian north”, Siberia, the Arctic Region, and reflection of this history in museum exhibitions and collaboration projects.

Discussion topics are:

- Building up the first "northern" collections in the 18th - early 20th century,

- Growth of the collections in the 20th century,

- Actual subjects and outreach,

- The development of the north from a museum point of view,

- Complicated issues in the history of the development of the north in the 20th century. Museumfication and memorialization,

- Multimedia in museum projects as a tool of reconstructing the history of the development of the north.


Applications are accepted until October 1, 2017. Please indicate your full name, place of work, report title, telephone number and e-mail address.

For participation in the conference, please submit an application to the following email address: irina_karpenko@mail.ru