Visual art

Visual art collection includes the following funds: replicated graphics,  contemporary paintings, architectural graphics, graphics of the history of St. Petersburg and the cities of world, cartography and sculpture.

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  • Painting and graphics of the history of the city
    Painting and graphics of the history of the city 77
    About 43 000 items. One of the oldest collections in the museum, existing since the foundation of the Museum of Old Petersburg in 1907.

    The main sources of its replenishment - collections of imperial and grand ducal palaces, collections of Prince Vladimir Argutinskii-Dolgorukov, Pyotr Veiner, Alexander Haush, Lev Ilin and gifts from ... 
    • Engravings
      Engravings 13
      The collection of engravings preserves the sheets, executed by A. F. Zubov, I. Schonebeck, the samples of the Peter's era, panoramas of St. Petersburg and its environs in the middle of the XVIII century by M. I. Makhaev, as well as engraved views of St. Petersburg and its suburbs in the first quarter of the XIX century by D. Atkinson, B. Patersen, C. F. Galaktionov and the city views of the ... 
    • Paintings
      Paintings 14
      The collection of paintings includes works of famous St. Petersburg artists F. Y. Alexeev, M. N. Vorobyov, A. M. Maksimov, I.N. Kramskoy, I.K. Aivazovsky, the works of the artists of the Russian avant-garde M. V. Matyushin and E.I. Guro, and picturesque shopping signs of the early XX century.
    • Drawings
      Drawings 19
      In the collection of drawings there are landscapes of St. Petersburg, genre sketches, portraits. Among the famous authors are J.B. De La Traverse, I.I. Charlemaine, V.S. Sadovnikov, Alex. N. Benoit, P. E. Scherbov and many others.
    • Lithographs
      Lithographs 16
      Collection of lithographs can be considered quite complete because it includes views of St. Petersburg of different periods, the city panoramas, genre scenes and portraits.
    • Architectural drawings
      Architectural drawings 15
      In the section of architectural graphics there are projects and drawings of the famous St. Petersburg architects of the XVIII and XIX centuries: F.-B. Rastrelli, I. E. Starov, A. Rinaldi, J. Quarenghi, A. D. Zakharov, A. N. Voronikhin, K. Rossi, O. Montferrand, A. I. Stackenschneider and many others. The St. Petersburg’s architecture of the XX century is presented by the projects of L. A. Ilyin, ... 
  • Paintings and graphics of  cities of the world
    Paintings and graphics of cities of the world 70
    About 30 000 items.
    The collection includes works of the XVI – early XX centuries. The main sources of replenishment - the collections of imperial and grand-ducal palaces, St. Petersburg’s mansions and private collections.

    Among the exhibits of the fund there are the engravings of special value by Stefano Du Perac, Jacques Rigaud, Giovanni Battista Piranesi ... 
    • Paintings
      Paintings 15

      Art collection of the Fund has 254 paintings dating back to XIX – XX centuries. It presents paintings and sketches of the domestic and Western European masters.

      The  main and the best part of the works was acquired from the Petersburg art collections. Among the authors of paintings are the names of I.F.Alexandrovsky, A.P.Bogolyubov, I. A.Weiss, J. de ... 
    • Drawings
      Drawings 15
      The collection presents the works of I. E. Repin, G. K. Lukomsky, I. I. Shishkin, L. O. Premazzi, architects Y. G. Gevirtz, R. A. Goedicke, A. A. Ol
    • Engravings
      Engravings 25
      The collection of engravings has 20217 items and chronologically covers the period from the late sixteenth to mid-twentieth century. The urban views of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America form the largest part of the collection. In addition, there are images of ancient monuments, as well as prints based on paintings of various genres. Of the most famous European engravers-vedutists ... 
    • Lythographs
      Lythographs 15
      Collection of lithographs of the Fund has 6698 images dating back to XIX – XX centuries.

      Most of the collection consists of cityscapes and views of natural wonders of Western Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America. Views of the cities of Russian Empire: Moscow, Vladimir, Novgorod, Kazan, Kiev, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod, Odessa, Pskov, Romanovo-Borisoglebsk, Rybinsk, ... 
  • Contemporary painting and graphics
    Contemporary painting and graphics  59
    More than 27 000 items. The collection of the contemporary painting and graphics stores the works of Leningrad - St. Petersburg artists of the XX-XXI centuries. All types of prints, drawings, watercolors, gouache, tempera and paintings are represented in this collection. A significant part of the collection is occupied by works devoted to the Great Patriotic War and the Siege of Leningrad. ... 
    • Paintings
      Paintings 14
      The collection of paintings includes two thousand works of art in the technique of oil painting on various surfaces (canvas, wood, hardboard, cardboard, paper). The figurative and abstract paintings in various genres are stored: landscapes (mostly urban), portraits, historical, genre painting, still lifes.
    • Watercolours and drawings
    • Prints and lithographs
  • Architectural graphics and cartography
    Architectural graphics and cartography 30
    More than 17 000 items. Fund of architectural graphics and cartography is a collection of museum objects which reflect the history of the world urban construction.
  • Sculptures
    Sculptures 72
    Fund of sculpture has more than 1,000 items and includes sculptural works of Russian, Soviet and foreign artists from the second half of the XVIII century to the beginning of the XXI century.
    •  	 Russian sculpture of the XIX - beginning of the XX century
      Russian sculpture of the XIX - beginning of the XX century 12
      This period is represented by 318 items in the collection.

      More than 50 of them came from the Museum of Old Petersburg and the Museum of the City, including the gifts of the famous architect, Chairman of the society of architects-artists, count P.Y.Suzor, President of the Museum Council, the publisher of the magazine "Old years" P.P.Weiner, a member of the ... 
    •  	 Russian and  Soviet sculpture of the XX-XXI centuries
      Russian and Soviet sculpture of the XX-XXI centuries 43
      This section mainly presents the works by St. Petersburg sculptors.

      A large group of sculptures were received from the Museum of Defense of Leningrad after its liquidation in 1949. These are the portraits of the defenders of Leningrad: pilots V.A.Matsievich, I.M.Shishkan, S.G.Litavrin, partisans: C.D.Karitskoy, A.W.Herman, B.I.Eren-Price, A.Petrova, Junior girls - air ... 
    •  	 Sculpture of foreign countries
      Sculpture of foreign countries 17
      This section has a little over 200 units.

      The objects, typical for the interior decoration of the St. Petersburg houses in XIX – early XX centuries, which reflect the tastes of different segments of the population form the bulk of the collection.

      The gifts to the city from foreign delegations of about twenty countries worldwide form a separate ... 
  • Collection of the Soviet and modern architectural graphics
    Collection of the Soviet and modern architectural graphics 10
    About 11,000 items. The collection began to form in the 1920s. It consists of the design materials related to the planning, development and improvement of Leningrad-Petersburg, as well as projects which were designed by St. Petersburg architects for other cities. The chronological framework of the collection - 1917-1990-ies.
  • Replicated graphics
    Replicated graphics 95
    The fund of replicated graphics was separated into an independent unit in 1981. The fund includes a collection of posters, playbills, programs, invitations, menus, labels and calendars. The core of the fund is formed from the collections of the Museum of Old Petersburg, City Museum and Museum of the Defense of Leningrad
    •  Posters of the pre-revolutionary period
      Posters of the pre-revolutionary period 10
      2 400 units. The collection presents different types of posters, published in pre-revolutionary Russia in the printing house "Association of R.Golike and A. Vilborg", chromolithographic factories of T. Kibbel and of E. Marcus and other print institutions of St.Petersburg.
    • Posters of the Soviet period
      Posters of the Soviet period 23
      The State Museum of St. Petersburg have formed a unique collection of Soviet posters, numbering about 15,000 items. The collection covers the period from 1918, from the appearance of the first Soviet political posters , to present days.
    • Posters, programs, invitations
      Posters, programs, invitations 20
      The collection covers the period from the late XIX century to the present days and numbers more than 20 thousand units.
    • Calendars
      Calendars 11
      More than 500 copies of the wall, flip, souvenir (with ads of trading firms of Petersburg), "eternal" calendars. Chronologically the collection covers the period of 1880-ies - beginning of the XXI century.
    • Menus
      Menus 10
      The collection of menus, numbering about 500 items, was taken to the Museum since the creation of the Museum of Old Petersburg. It is one of the best in the country.
    • Stamps
      Stamps 11
      The collection of the postage stamps; police stamps and address fees; municipal stamps, savings, charitable stamps, etc.
    • Labels
      Labels 10
      The labels collection presents the pre-revolutionary and post-revolutionary periods (end of XIX - the beginning of XXI century) and has more than 9,000 items.