Replicated graphics

The fund of replicated graphics was separated into an independent unit in 1981. The fund includes a collection of posters, playbills, programs, invitations, menus, labels and calendars. The core of the fund is formed from the collections of the Museum of Old Petersburg, City Museum and Museum of the Defense of Leningrad

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  •  Posters of the pre-revolutionary period
    Posters of the pre-revolutionary period 10
    2 400 units. The collection presents different types of posters, published in pre-revolutionary Russia in the printing house "Association of R.Golike and A. Vilborg", chromolithographic factories of T. Kibbel and of E. Marcus and other print institutions of St.Petersburg.
  • Posters of the Soviet period
    Posters of the Soviet period 23
    The State Museum of St. Petersburg has formed a unique collection of Soviet posters, numbering about 15,000 items. The collection covers the period from 1918, from the appearance of the first Soviet political posters, to present days.

    The collection was based on items moved from the State Hermitage, the State Public Library, the Museum of Defense of Leningrad, a branch of ... 
  • Posters, programs, invitations
    Posters, programs, invitations 20
    The materials cover the period from the end of the XIX century to the present day and have more than 20 thousand storage units.

    Pre-revolutionary materials show the variety of theatrical, exhibition, musical, literary life of the capital. Along with posters of outstanding productions of the Imperial theaters, there are also posters and programs of theaters that were ... 
  • Calendars
    Calendars 11
    More than 500 copies of the wall, flip, souvenir (with ads of trading firms of Petersburg), "eternal" calendars. Chronologically the collection covers the period of 1880-ies - beginning of the XXI century.
  • Menus
    Menus 10
    The collection of menus, numbering about 500 items, was taken to the Museum since the creation of the Museum of Old Petersburg. It is one of the best in the country.
  • Stamps
    Stamps 11
    The collection of the postage stamps; police stamps and address fees; municipal stamps, savings, charitable stamps, etc.
  • Labels
    Labels 10
    The labels collection presents the pre-revolutionary and post-revolutionary periods (end of XIX - the beginning of XXI century) and has more than 9,000 items.