Rich collection of photo documents is stored in 3 funds: pre-revolutionary and contemporary photographs, negatives and photos of cities.

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  • Negatives
    Negatives 63
    About 100 000 items. The collection stores negatives covering the history of St. Petersburg of the late XIX-early XXI century.
    • Leningrad under siege
      Leningrad under siege 24
      The State Museum of History of St.Petersburg, the Fund of the negatives presents the period of the siege of Leningrad during the great Patriotic war (1941-1945). The images were made in Leningrad by military photographers D. M. Trachtenberg, V. I. Kapustin, B. V. Utkin, G. I. Chertov, B. S. Losin, V. G. Fedoseyev, N. P.Janov.

      The presented negatives reflect the life of ... 
    • Architecture of St.Petersburg – Leningrad
      Architecture of St.Petersburg – Leningrad 9

      The State Museum of History of St. Petersburg owns a unique collection of original negatives, reflecting the history of our city in different aspects. The collection of negatives depicting the architectural ensembles of St. Petersburg has a special place among them. Photos were made in different years, by Leningrad-known photographers such as L.O.Bernstein, S.I.Lavut, B.S.Losin and ... 
    • Leningrad region
    • Municipal services of Petrograd-Leningrad
    • Culture and art in Leningrad
    • Festivals and parades in Leningrad
  • Collection of photographs
    Collection of photographs 68
    More than 84 000 items. A rich in volume and diversity collection of art and historical sources on the history of St. Petersburg. The collection consists of two parts: photographs of pre-revolutionary and post-revolutionary periods.
    • Photographs of the pre-revolutionary period
      Photographs of the pre-revolutionary period  34
      More than 24 000 units The most important exhibits include photos of such famous authors as I. (J.) Bianchi (1850-1880), K. K. Bulla (1890-1910), C. L. and L. C. Lewicki, A. I. Denier, A. F. Lawrence, W. Classen, F. V. Nicholaevsky.

      The history of the collection of photographs in the Museum dates back to 1907, when St. Petersburg the ... 
    •  Photographs created after 1917
      Photographs created after 1917 34
      About 60 000 units. Throughout the XXth century the Museum has acquired or received as a gift the works of the best artists-photographers and photojournalists of St. Petersburg. In addition, the materials came from LenTASS, personal archives of residents and from customs. A large collection of photos of 1941-1945 was donated directly by military photographers. It includes works by famous ... 
  • Cities of the world
    Cities of the world  40
    More than 44 000 items. The fund consists of original photographs of the 1850 - 2000s and photomechanical prints (collotypes, photo chromolithographs, etc.) of the 1870 – 1960s.
    • Cities of the world in photographs
      Cities of the world in photographs 20
      28 587 units. The collection of photographs of the cities of the world is the unique collection of West-European photography of 1850s - 1900-ies, which presents the views of the cities of Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain made by such masters, as Alfredo Noack, Giacomo Broggi, Giorgio Sommer, brothers Nerden, Axel Lindahl, Ludwig Hardtmut, Ramon Almela, Francis Fritt and many ... 
    • Cities of the world — photomechanical prints
      Cities of the world — photomechanical prints 20
      16 404 units. In addition to the collection of photographs the Fund contains more than 16000 photomechanical prints — landscapes, genre scenes and portraits and printed albums of the late 1870-ies-1960-ies. This collection is devoted to the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, USA and East Asian regions and widely presents not only cities, but also life and culture of different countries ...