Leningrad region

The collection of negatives of the GMI of St. Petersburg helps to recreate the appearance of the Leningrad Region in the period of the 1950s - 1980s.

In the Fund of negatives, this is one of the most significant and interesting sections. Here are diverse aspects: industrial, spa, cultural and educational, economic.

Also, the Leningrad Region section contains images of sights and memorial sites, such as ancient fortresses, ancient monasteries, noble estates, memorials of the Great Patriotic War, literary memorials and local history museums that allow us to find out the history of these places.

The development of various sectors of the economy from industry to agriculture is highlighted.

Among the authors are such photographers as O.G.Porokhovnikov, V.G.Fedoseev, B.S.Losin, G.I.Lugovoi, B.V.Utkin and many others.

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