Municipal services of Petrograd-Leningrad

The main part of this section includes photos of enterprises of heavy, chemical and light industry, electricity and gas supply of the city, housing, roadwork, transport, hotels, trade, catering, communications (telephone and mail), cleaning and street lighting, sewers and plumbing.

This section shows the various stages of the development of Leningrad, including the period of restoration of the national economy of the city in the 1920s.

Among the authors of the negatives we meet such famous names as D.M.Trakhtenberg, B.V.Utkin, G.F.Konovalov, M.L.Blokhin, N.P.Yanov, L.L.Zivert, I.A.Fetisov, D.Kh.Sokolin, S.I.Lavut, L.I.Korovin, I.A.Narovlyansky, L.O.Bernshtein, P.V.Fedotov, G.F.Konovalov, V.S.Sherstnov.

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