Culture and art in Leningrad

The cultural aspect of Leningrad’s life is presented here. A large number of cultural and educational institutions were concentrated in the city - palaces and houses of culture (including the Youth Palace), houses of creativity, libraries, clubs, city museums, theaters and cinemas, exhibition halls, concert and music institutions (Philharmonic, Academic chapel, concert halls), the media (television, periodicals, printing houses).

Of undoubted interest is the collection of photo documents reflecting various cultural events: film festivals, performances, exhibitions, expositions, Lenfilm filming, amateur performances.

The collection contains the works of outstanding photographers V.Strekalov, S.A.Efimov, B.S.Losin, N.P.Yanov, L.O.Bernshtein, G.I.Lugovoi, D.M.Trakhtenberg, B.V.Utkin and others.

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