Lighting fixtures

More than 800 items.
This section of the collection is varied in composition. It includes products made of gilded or patinated bronze, intended for the decoration of the front interiors, and utilitarian lighting of the the most common types: candlesticks, chandeliers, sconces, lanterns, floor lamps made of different materials (metal, porcelain, glass, wood, stone).

The chronological scope of the section – the end of XVIII - the second half of the XX century. The collection includes products of factories and workshops of I.A. Kumberg, F. Melzer, A. Makarov, Vishnevsky Brothers, I. Serkovsky and others.

Also in the collection there are items from the Western Europe, mostly with stamps of the Berlin firms - Carl Holy, Ehrich&Graetz, Schneider, Brenner.

An extremely varied collection of kerosene lamps in the forms of cups or bowls with relief decoration, in the forms of vases made of colored laminated glass with polychrome paintings is stored in the fund.

The collection of electric lighting of the modern period (end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries) is of great interest. These are table lamps or chandeliers decorated with inlays of colored glass.

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