The collection of costumes

Costume (lat. costume) - can mean clothes in general or distinctive style in clothing reflecting the social, national, regional belonging. Being an important part of the history of material and spiritual culture, it combines various kinds of decorative and applied arts — weaving, lace making, jewelry, embroidery, ornamentation, etc.

Clothing is a direct symbol of being an individual person, a specific group, nation or the whole era. Clothing characterizes and completes the picture of society at every stage of its development.

The suit is a harmonious ensemble that represents a system of elements, designed not only to protect people from the effects of the environment, but also to identify his personality through information and aesthetic properties.

The costume collection includes samples of urban women's, men's and children's clothing from the XVIIIth century to the present day: morning, day, evening and night gowns, lower and upper garments, various uniforms, including the First and Second world war uniforms, folk, theatrical and masquerade costumes, clothing of the clergy, professional costume, shoes, hats.

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