Memorial complex

Memorial complex is an important part of the collection of the costume and fabrics. Memorial мuseum objects mean items associated with the important historical events or historical persons.
In the context of the collection Fund these persons are honored workers of science and art of the late XIX – early XX centuries, poets and writers; soldiers of the First and Second World wars, Heroes of the Soviet Union, the defenders and residents of thebesieged Leningrad.

Social significance of the historical event or person makes a memorial subject one of the most important manifestations of social memory. The emotional impact of the memorial museum object, a sense of belonging to memorial person or event makes this memorial subject to be of special museum value among other similar (typological) objects of the collection.

Items in this section of the Fund are also of considerable artistic and historical value. The collection consists of items belonging to prominent historical personalities: A.A.Blok, M.V.Matyushin, I.O.Dunaevsky, A.A.Bryantsev, L.A.Orbeli, D.S.Likhachev, A.E.Fersman, A.V.German, V.N.Pchelintsev, E.P.Korchagina-Alexandrovskaya, the leading artists of the Bolshoi Drama theatre named after M.Gorky, Opera and Ballet theatre named after S.M.Kirov (the Mariinsky theatre), the actors and actresses of cinema, musicians, etc.

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