Russian sculpture of the XIX - beginning of the XX century

This period is represented by 318 items in the collection.

More than 50 of them came from the Museum of Old Petersburg and the Museum of the City, including the gifts of the famous architect, Chairman of the society of architects-artists, count P.Y.Suzor, President of the Museum Council, the publisher of the magazine "Old years" P.P.Weiner, a member of the Museum Board, art historian, historian of St.Petersburg V.Y.Kurbatov, member of the Museum Board, collector, philanthropist L.I.Zheverzheev.

The portrait gallery of the Russian Grand Dukes, tsars, emperors and empresses forms a significant part of the collection. Among them there are portraits of Chancellor N.P.Rumyantsev, General A.P.Yermolov, engineer A.A.Ioss.

Among the exhibits received from the City Museum, housed from 1918 to 1928 in the Anichkov Palace, there are elements of the decoration of the Palace interiors.

In 1949 the Artillery Museum has passed to our museum the portraits of Grand Dukes Konstantin Pavlovich and Mikhail Pavlovich, horse images of emperors Nicholas I and Alexander II, formerly in the collections of regimental museums and the Museum of the Society of Zealots of History.

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