Russian and Soviet sculpture of the XX-XXI centuries

This section mainly presents the works by St. Petersburg sculptors.

A large group of sculptures were received from the Museum of Defense of Leningrad after its liquidation in 1949. These are the portraits of the defenders of Leningrad: pilots V.A.Matsievich, I.M.Shishkan, S.G.Litavrin, partisans: C.D.Karitskoy, A.W.Herman, B.I.Eren-Price, A.Petrova, Junior girls - air defense fighters, nurses.

In 1950-1970-ies the collection was replenished with the active participation of the Culture Committee of the Leningrad Executive Committee. The works of sculptors were purchased at the annual exhibitions of the Leningrad branch of Union of Artists of the USSR. At this time the Museum actively cooperated with the factories of the Leningrad branch of the Art Fund of the USSR. Orders of the Museum for the manufacture of the series of sculptures for thematic exhibitions of the Museum were performed by famous masters T.F.Linde, B.E.Kaplyanski, M.M.Kharlamova and also young sculptors who just started their careers — A.G.Traugot, L.K.Lazarev. Today these items represent independent artistic value.

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