Urban views

Urban views, or postcards with views of cities, memorial sites, attractions constitute a large part of the collection. Cityscape card is not only a cultural monument, but also a source of knowledge about the past. To get an idea of many not existing or distorted monuments of architecture, to understand how whole ensembles of squares and streets at one time or another looked like one can only out of a postcard very often. Urban views were based on photos whose authors are not always known. In particular this applies to the works of the first half of XX century which are of special importance for us. However we can identify some names, such as: S.M.Prokudin-Gorsky, D.Markov, A.N.Pavlovich, V.Svetlichnyi, etc. Domestic cityscape postcards depicted not only the inner cities with ceremonial squares, ancient temples and palaces, but also the suburbs and individual buildings, including industrial ones. Even the most remote areas of the Russian Empire were of interest for photographers.

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