About 100 000 items. The collection stores negatives covering the history of St. Petersburg of the late XIX-early XXI century.

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  • Leningrad under siege
    Leningrad under siege 24
    The State Museum of History of St.Petersburg, the Fund of the negatives presents the period of the siege of Leningrad during the great Patriotic war (1941-1945). The images were made in Leningrad by military photographers D. M. Trachtenberg, V. I. Kapustin, B. V. Utkin, G. I. Chertov, B. S. Losin, V. G. Fedoseyev, N. P.Janov.

    The presented negatives reflect the life of ... 
  • Architecture of St.Petersburg – Leningrad
    Architecture of St.Petersburg – Leningrad 9

    The State Museum of History of St. Petersburg owns a unique collection of original negatives, reflecting the history of our city in different aspects. The collection of negatives depicting the architectural ensembles of St. Petersburg has a special place among them. Photos were made in different years, by Leningrad-known photographers such as L.O.Bernstein, S.I.Lavut, B.S.Losin and ... 
  • Leningrad region
    Leningrad region 9
    The collection of negatives of the GMI of St. Petersburg helps to recreate the appearance of the Leningrad Region in the period of the 1950s - 1980s.

    In the Fund of negatives, this is one of the most significant and interesting sections. Here are diverse aspects: industrial, spa, cultural and educational, economic.

    Also, the Leningrad Region ... 
  • Municipal services of Petrograd-Leningrad
    Municipal services of Petrograd-Leningrad 9
    The main part of this section includes photos of enterprises of heavy, chemical and light industry, electricity and gas supply of the city, housing, roadwork, transport, hotels, trade, catering, communications (telephone and mail), cleaning and street lighting, sewers and plumbing.

    This section shows the various stages of the development of Leningrad, including the period ... 
  • Culture and art in Leningrad
    Culture and art in Leningrad 10
    The cultural aspect of Leningrad’s life is presented here. A large number of cultural and educational institutions were concentrated in the city - palaces and houses of culture (including the Youth Palace), houses of creativity, libraries, clubs, city museums, theaters and cinemas, exhibition halls, concert and music institutions (Philharmonic, Academic chapel, concert halls), the media ... 
  • Festivals and parades in Leningrad
    Festivals and parades in Leningrad 10
    This section introduces us to various cultural events that were held in the city of Leningrad.

    These include carnival processions, balls, festivities, song festivals, the holiday "Scarlet Sails", May Day demonstrations, May 9 parades, celebrations of the October Revolution date, the festive decoration of the city.

    The works of such ...