Photographs of the pre-revolutionary period

More than 24 000 units The most important exhibits include photos of such famous authors as I. (J.) Bianchi (1850-1880), K. K. Bulla (1890-1910), C. L. and L. C. Lewicki, A. I. Denier, A. F. Lawrence, W. Classen, F. V. Nicholaevsky.

The history of the collection of photographs in the Museum dates back to 1907, when St. Petersburg the Museum of Old Petersburg was founded (its official status and approved Charter the Museum of Old Petersburg received at the end of 1908). Organizers of the Museum took an active part in the formation of funds. They paid great attention to the collection of photos.

Today it is the richest collection of photographic sources in terms of volume and diversity. The pride of the Museum is the collection of photos (over 200 units) made by Ivan (Giovanni) Bianchi, the first light-painter of Petersburg, an outstanding photo-artist of the second half of the XIXth century. His large-format images capture the architectural ensembles of St. Petersburg and the interior of the palaces. Photos are made with great artistic skill, impeccable composition, they are priceless in their informational content. Very interesting are the photos of 1860-1870-ies, among them - the work of W. A. Carrick from the series "St. Petersburg types” and scenery snapshots of A. F. Lawrence, E. Yuar, F. Buff, A. I. Smirnov, N. D. Digo. Widely are presented photo portraits of 1870-1910-s, made by masters of the portrait genre K. I. Bergamasco, B. I. Yasvoin, E. L. Mrozovskaya, K. A. Shapiro and others. The Museum houses a collection of works (over 2000 units) of Karl Karlovich Bulla and his sons Alexander and Victor. Along with photos of portrait and event genres, the collection includes large-format images depicting architectural ensembles of our city.

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