Models, reflecting the historical development of the city

The models, kept in the fund, illustrate all the periods of development St.Petersburg as a city. They cover the period from the epoch of Peter the Great (for example, houses for different social classes) up to the second part of XX century, where one can find the projects of the Lenin stadium (1946), models “Planning of the Haven area” of 1950-ies, “Project of the 19-storey building of the 137th series in Belgorodskaya street” (1974), etc.

There are also reconstruction models showing the city of various historical periods, for instance the model “Area reclamation in the middle of XVIIIc.”

The fund has a number of layouts on domestic topics, such as “Corner flat of workers in the second part of XIXc.”.

The models of the Oreshek fortress of different historical periods— the XVIc., XVIIIc., beginning of XXc. (before 1914, when it was a prison), and the period of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 are also displayed in the fund.

Besides the construction and domestic models there are theatrical layouts — “The first stage of the tale “The Little Humpbacked Horse” in the Theatre fof Young Spectators, 1922”, the scenery for the play “Home”, 1980, by the artist Kochergin E.S. On basis of our models one can trace the development retrospective of St. Petersburg.

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