Stained-glass windows

Decoration with stained-glass was one of the characteristic techniques in building of mid-XIX — early XX centuries in Saint-Petersburg. Though first stained-glass windows appeared in Russia in XII century, they were not widely spread. Stained-glass boom began during the reign of Nicolas I in 1820ies.

At the end of XIX — beginning of XX century the appearance of the new technologies of coloring and glazing of glass brought into fashion the stained-glass pictures once again. The architects began to use stained-glass windows actively in their projects, and the city gained new stained-glass masterpieces.

The fund has about 150 examples of art Nouveau and Neoclassical stained-glass windows dating back to the period of the end of 19th — early 20th centuries. These are the works of different artists, for instance from the building 116, Fontanka emb. (architect Bosset Y.A.), from 1/3 Kamennoostrovsky pr. (architect Lidval F.I.), 60 Furshtatskaya str. (architect Shenet V.I.). The stained-glass windows were collected mainly from the reconstructed buildings.

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