Russian, Soviet and West-European glassware

More than 3000 items.
This section includes the products made at Russian and foreign factories in the XIX and XXI centuries.

A small group form the items from the collections of the Museum of Old Petersburg (founded in 1907) and the Museum of the City (founded in 1918). For example, a glass with the engraved image of the panorama of Nevsky Prospekt from the Anichkov Palace to Admiralty; glasses and vases with the views of the Kazan Cathedral, the Spit of Vasilyevsky island, depicting the building of the Stock Exchange and Rostral columns.In this section the items are very diverse in their purpose: vases, dinner sets, products for domestic use - decanters, jugs, jars, siphons, food containers.

This section includes samples of the pharmacy - perfume and bottle products from the nineteenth century to the present day. It is the largest section of the collection numbering about 1700 samples. Most of them were produced by plants, which became known as the "Suppliers to the Court of His Imperial Majesty".

A small collection presents examples of French firms Galle, Daum brothers, unknown German masters. As many glass factories in Russia were closed in the 1990-ies, the value of such collection is undeniable. The collection is constantly updated with the products of the modern glass industry.

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