Collection of gifts

More than 1000 units.
Gifts were received from various community organizations and individuals with regard to the various anniversaries of the city.

The Museum's collection includes gifts from the representatives of Leningrad - Petersburg, Kronstadt, Novgorod, Odessa, Mongolia, Central Asian republics, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, France, England, Germany, Finland, Hungary and many others.

Items in this section are of exceptional value because their circulation is always limited from 50 to 500 units, and the products were not used in mass production. The items are of different purpose — vases, pitchers, table decorations, sculptures, tea pairs. They were performed at porcelain and glass factories.

The collection "the Gift to Stalin" has the exceptional historical significance. It was acquired by the Museum in 1956 from the State Historical Museum of Moscow - vases, decorative dishes, sculptures. This complex is formed on the basis of the gifts from foreign workers ' delegations.

A large section of collection is formed by the gifts from the residents of Leningrad - St. Petersburg. This is the products of the XIX-XXI centuries. Items are generally in good condition. Obviously, they have stayed in apartments and people took care of them. Hard historical path - the revolution of 1917, the Civil and the Great Patriotic wars, 1990-ies.

Nevertheless, glassware and porcelain come from many citizens, many of whom want their things to be presented in Museum collections. A significant role in the creation of the collection belongs to artists - ceramists whose exhibitions are held at the Museum and its branches. These are signed original works - decorative dishes, vases, panels.

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