More than 24 000 items.
Collections of the numismatics fund reflect the history of St. Petersburg and Russia in general; give an idea of the political, social and cultural life of the XVIII-XX centuries and illustrate the history of the national medallic art and coinage. 

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  • Coins
    Coins 15
    The main part of this section is made up of pre-revolutionary coins of the period from XVIII to the beginning of the XX century, coined at the mints of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Yekaterinburg; the most interesting coins in the collection are those dating to the times of the reign of Peter I.

    Due to an active policy of acquisition carried out in the 1970-1980-ies the ... 
  • Commemorative medals and tokens of the XVIII - XX centuries
    Commemorative medals and tokens of the XVIII - XX centuries 15
    The most interesting part of the collection presents samples of talented Russian (Timofey Ivanov, Samoilo Yudin, Fyodor Tolstoy, etc.) and foreign but working in Russia medal artists (Solomon Gouin, Johann Baltsar Gass, Carl Leberecht, Henrich Gube).

    The collection displays a wide range of commemorative medals of the Soviet period.
  • Breast signs
    Breast signs 15
    This section of collection includes the signs of educational organizations (civil and military), signs of public institutions and departments, various charitable institutions, societies, unions and committees.

    Many signs were fulfilled at high artistic level by famous Russian factories of XIX-XX centuries, such as “Edward”, Wunder brothers’, “E.Courtman”, “D.Osipov”.
  • State Awards of the USSR and Russian Federation
    State Awards of the USSR and Russian Federation 15
    This section includes complexes of awards belonging to many outstanding military and political figures of Russia (Pilutov P.A., Pokrishev P.A., Zinchenko A.R., Shikin I.V.) and prominent representatives of science and culture (Lihachev D.S., Filatov A.N., Zhukovski P.M., Levinson E.A., Rudnev L.V.)
  • Commemorative and souvenir badges of  soviet period
    Commemorative and souvenir badges of soviet period 15
    The most interesting part of collection is represented by the signs and badges of 1920-1930-s, such as the signs for excellent participants of socialist competition of various ministries and departments, the signs of the 5-year-plan shock workers, the badges of voluntary societies and organizations.

    Thanks to the acquisition of rich collections of soviet badges from such ...