Books, manuscripts and documents

Written items are presented in the following funds: book fund, manuscript fund, documentary fund and collection of Vladimir Orlov.

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  • Collection of books
    Collection of books 21
    The books fund includes more than 45 000 items. The chronological framework of the collection: end of the XVII century - beginning of the XXI century.
  • Collection of manuscripts and documents
    Collection of manuscripts and documents 46
    Collection of the Manuscript and Documentary Fund of the museum consists of original documents of the history of St. Petersburg beginning with foundation of the city to the present day.
    • Documents of the XVIII century
      Documents of the XVIII century 10

      Documents of the XVIII century in the collection of the  Fund are presented mainly by charters on parchment with the signatures-autographs of the Empresses Elizabeth and Catherine II, patents for rank, both military and civil, printed copies of the Imperial and Senate decrees.
    • Documents of the XIX century
      Documents of the XIX century 10
      A significant part of the documents of the first half of the XIX century reflects the events associated with the uprising of the Decembrists: the Manifest of abdication of Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich in favor of Nicholas Pavlovich, "The List of the State Criminals", a handwritten copy of K.F.Ryleev’s letter before his execution.

      Patriotic War of 1812 is ... 
    • Documents of the XX century
      Documents of the XX century 21
      In the documents of the collection all the diversity of the city's history in the XXth century can be traced and reflected: the First World War, the Revolution, the NEP, space exploration.

      A special place is occupied by the relics of the Great Patriotic War and Siege of Leningrad - personal complexes and selected documents of the city's defenders, partisans, residents of ... 
  • V. N. Orlov's Collection
    V. N. Orlov's Collection 66
    The collection of Vladimir Nikolaevich Orlov numbering about 12 thousand items is stored in the Museum-apartment of A.A.Blok, a branch of the State Museum of History of St. Petersburg.

    The composition of the collection was determined by the interests of its donator Vladimir Nikolaevich Orlov (1908-1985) —the researcher of the life and works of A.A.Blok, the literary ... 
    • Orlov's book collection
      Orlov's book collection 25
      For V.N.Orlov, a writer and scientist, his extensive library was not a collection, but the working library, which reflected the research interests of Vladimir Nikolayevich —from the literature of the early XIX century and history of the Decembrist movement to books of the Soviet poets and writers.

      All books can be divided into several sections:
      lifetime ... 
      • Books about A.A.Blok and his time
        Books about A.A.Blok and his time 25
        More than half a century V.N.Orlov was persistently engaged in the study of the creative biography of Alexander Blok. Many editions of the collected works of the poet came out edited with commentary and introductory articles by Vladimir Nikolaevich. The books about Blok "the Poet and the City", "Hello, Alexander Blok", "Humayun", and etc. were written by him.
    • Painting
      Painting 9
      A few works of easel painting collected by V.N.Orlov were made by first class artists O.E.Braz, Moscow painter, theatre artist P.B.Williams, K.A.Korovin, B.M.Kustodiev, E.E.Lansere, K.S.Petrov–Vodkin, a follower of I.E.Repin — V. G. Tikhov etc.
    • Graphics
      Graphics 21
      The main and most interesting part of V.N.Orlov's art collection are drawings, watercolors, theatrical sketches and prints by the artists of the "World of Art" circle.
    • Medals
      Medals 8
      In Orlov’s small collection of medallic art there are samples of domestic memorabilia, commemorative, portrait and souvenir medals. The most valuable are the works of A.F.Vasyutinsky, I.B.Gass, M.L.Dillon, M.A.Skudnov, S.Y.Yudin - the medals of the XVIII - XX centuries.
    • Photos
      Photos 3
      In V.N.Orlov’s Fund several portraits of Vladimir Nikolayevich are kept together with photos of B.L.Pasternak, S.I.Chikovani, G.N.Leonidze.