About 4500 items.
Russian household furniture of the XIX-XX centuries forms the bulk of the collection. The most valuable group are the items produced at the famous St. Petersburg furniture workshops: G. Gambs, F.F.Melzer, G.V.Buchtger, S.P.Zimin, as well as the items, based on sketches by famous architects L. Ruska, V. Stasov.

The collection also includes bent furniture by following companies — "Thonet Brothers” (нем. “Gebrüder Thonet” ), " Jacob & Josef Kohn", "Wojciechow".

The collection features unique artworks. These are the items made in the "marquetry" technique, items decorated with artistic bronze casting and carving.

Our furniture collection allows us to create a variety of interiors for the exhibitions and expositions, demonstrates a variety of shapes, designs, artistic decoration.

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