Soviet ceramics

More than 2,500 units.
Chronological beginning of this section is presented by the items of propaganda porcelain (1918-mid 1930s) – a new direction in art, aimed to serve the promotion of the young Soviet state. The porcelain of this period was produced in minor quantities - no more than 300 copies, and was intended mainly for exhibiting at numerous international exhibitions.

A separate complex of over 200 units comprise the items of 1920-1940-ies: commemorative plates with various inscriptions and tea and coffee sets. The uniqueness of this section is themed selection of things that are directly related to important historical events, such as the blockade things of the Leningradians: kettle, stove, plates, Christmas toys - colored light bulbs with colored pictures.

A group of products dating back to 1950 - 2000-ies forms a large section: teapots, coffee pots, tea and coffee couples, bowls, plates, dishes, biscuit dishes, butter dishes, vases, children's services, performed at the variety of faience and porcelain domestic plants, many of which were closed in the 1990-ies.

Sculpture forms a separate group of the collection. From the first years of the Soviet power, the government has paid attention not only to the portrait images of the party members, members of the military events and workers: pioneers at work, children making birdhouses, airplanes, reading books, walking in pairs or with their parents. Sculptors turned to the theme of childhood in relief compositions on the boxes and vases.

Sculpture of the 1950's - 1990's was a form of agitation, propaganda, holiday and everyday events in the life of the country. In the sculpture of this period the most important topics that were discussed in the society were reflected: ballet, theater, sports. During this period the plants of the country established for mass and serial production the narrative sculptures from classical literature, fairy tales and stories about animals.

Leningrad ceramics of 1950 - 2000-ies is represented by the works of artists-ceramists: V. Vasylkovsky, V. Gorislavtsev, V. Gorodetsky, M. Kopylkov, V. Markov, N. Rotanova, N. Savinova, L. Sokolov, I. Tarasyuk, V. Tsywin, V. Tsygankov. Their works are marked with individual approach to different topics and create their own unique atmosphere. Each master is an innovator and researcher in the field of ceramics and paints. This group is numerous and displays diverse topics.

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