The collection of engravings has 20217 items and chronologically covers the period from the late sixteenth to mid-twentieth century. The urban views of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America form the largest part of the collection. In addition, there are images of ancient monuments, as well as prints based on paintings of various genres. Of the most famous European engravers-vedutists of the XVII – XVIII centuries in the collection there are the works of such masters as G.Vasi, A.Visentini, E. Du Pérac, G.H.Kilian, J.A. Corvinus, J. le Pautre, M. Merian, G.B.Piranesi, G. and A. Perelle, J.A. Pfeffel,. J.Rigaud, I.Silvestre, W.Watts, G. B. Falda, F.Fambrini, R. de Hooghe, A.Schoonebeek. Domestic engraving school of the end of XVIII – XIX centuries is represented by the leaves of S. Galaktionov, V.Denotkin, I. and A. Zubov, M.Kazakov, M. Makhaev, N.Sablin, N.Chelnokov, V. Turin, A. Shelkovnikov, etc. More than 15 thousand images are stored in albums and ouvrages. Among them the special place belongs to the group of so-called "scenic journeys" received from the collection of the Duke G. G. Mecklenburg-Strelitzky. These are "A General and Comprehensive Description of France" by J. B. de Laborde, "Paintings of Switzerland" by baron Zurlauben, "Scenic and Historical Tour of Istria and Dalmatia" by J. Lavallée, "A Picturesque Journey through Greece" by M-G-F-A de Choiseul-Gouffier, "The Scenic Journey or the Description of the Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily" by Abbot de Saint-Non and "Picturesque Journey through the Islands of Sicily, Malta and Lipari" by J. P. L. L.Wale.

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