Fireplaces and stoves

Well-made fireplaces and stoves are the adornment of any room. They bring in the atmosphere of maximum comfort and coziness. Decoration with tiles is one of the remarkable branches of applied art.

Tiled stoves played a significant role in decorating of the interiors of temples, refectory chambers and living rooms. Craftsmen took the subjects for their artworks from legends, national embroidery motives; they often used the plant ornament, domestic and hunting scenes.

The fund displays various types of revetment for fireplaces and stoves from the houses of Saint-Petersburg dating back to the period of late XIX — early XX centuries. Though the manufacturers of revetment for fireplaces are practically unknown (except architects- authors of interiors), the producers of stove ceramics are well-known thanks to trade-marks. The fund has the trade-marks of various manufacturers: Rakkolaniosky Pottery Mill, “Abo” Pottery Mill (in Turku), M.S.Kuznetsov’s Factory in Konakovo (Tver province) and others.

Besides the stationary fireworks with wooden, marble and tiled facing and tiled stoves, the collection displays the movable fireplaces (“kameliok”), for instance, and the “Salamander” mobile fireplace (France).

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