Illustrations are the cards with illustrations to the works of writers, poets, playwrights, to fairy tales, Russian epics and songs. The Community of St. Eugenia published a series of postcards with illustrations for the works of the poet in honor of the centenary of Alexander Pushkin’s burth. The artists who worked for it were N.N Karazin, E.M.Boehm, M.A.Zichy, V.M.Vasnetsov, etc. The theme of Pushkin's fairy tales in the early 1900s was developed in the works of B.V.Zworykin. For the publisher "Richard" A.F.Afanasiev executed a series of drawings for P.P.Yershov’s tale "The Humpbacked Horse". Later the works began to appeare, the themes for which were taken directly from Russian folklore. The postcards with the drawings of V.M.Vasnetsov "The Guslar" and "Kupava" were published. S.S.Solomko created many pictures for the postcards with female images from Russian fairy tales. Postcards by E.M.Boehm present illustrations of national proverbs and sayings. V.A.Taburin creates a series of postcards "Russian Proverbs in persons". During the first Russian revolution postcards with illustrations and texts of the revolutionary songs "The Internationale", "Working Marseillaise", "The Warsaw lady" were published . In the second half of XX century the postcards with the Soviet songs were performed in the “lubok” style of Palekh or Mstera. The editions with illustrations for children's books are of particular interest.

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