Fund of sculpture has more than 1,000 items and includes sculptural works of Russian, Soviet and foreign artists from the second half of the XVIII century to the beginning of the XXI century.

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  •  	 Russian sculpture of the XIX - beginning of the XX century
    Russian sculpture of the XIX - beginning of the XX century 12
    This period is represented by 318 items in the collection.

    More than 50 of them came from the Museum of Old Petersburg and the Museum of the City, including the gifts of the famous architect, Chairman of the society of architects-artists, count P.Y.Suzor, President of the Museum Council, the publisher of the magazine "Old years" P.P.Weiner, a member of the ... 
  •  	 Russian and  Soviet sculpture of the XX-XXI centuries
    Russian and Soviet sculpture of the XX-XXI centuries 44
    This section mainly presents the works by St. Petersburg sculptors.

    A large group of sculptures were received from the Museum of Defense of Leningrad after its liquidation in 1949. These are the portraits of the defenders of Leningrad: pilots V.A.Matsievich, I.M.Shishkan, S.G.Litavrin, partisans: C.D.Karitskoy, A.W.Herman, B.I.Eren-Price, A.Petrova, Junior girls - air ... 
  •  	 Sculpture of foreign countries
    Sculpture of foreign countries 17
    This section has a little over 200 units.

    The objects, typical for the interior decoration of the St. Petersburg houses in XIX – early XX centuries, which reflect the tastes of different segments of the population form the bulk of the collection.

    The gifts to the city from foreign delegations of about twenty countries worldwide form a separate ...