Art collection of the Fund has 254 paintings dating back to XIX – XX centuries. It presents paintings and sketches of the domestic and Western European masters.

The  main and the best part of the works was acquired from the Petersburg art collections. Among the authors of paintings are the names of I.F.Alexandrovsky, A.P.Bogolyubov, I. A.Weiss, J. de Bonmeson, P.A.Bryullov, N.N.Bunin, S.I.Vasilkovsky, I.A.Weltz, K.A.Veschilov, E.E.Volkov, N.N.Dubovsky, S.Y.Zhukovsky, V.I.Zarubin, L.L.Kamenev, A.A.Kiselev, Y.Y.Clever, I.E.Krachkovsky, L.F.Lagorio, V.Larson, K.O.J.Lund, V.D.Orlovsky, K.K.Pervukhin, N.Simonsen, S.J.Schleifer and others.

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