Collection of postcards

More than 80 thousand items. The basic collection of the fund includes: Russian postcards printed earlier than 1917 - about 18 thousand items; Soviet postcards - more than 42 thousand items; foreign postcards - more than 21 thousand items. The chronological framework of the basic collection covers the period from the end of XIX century to the 1980s.

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  •  "Artistic" postcards
    "Artistic" postcards 10
    Portraits of actors and actresses, scenes from operas, dramas, movies, etc.
  •  "Glamorous" postcards
    "Glamorous" postcards 10
    Female images, including the nude ones
  • Authorial postcards
    Authorial postcards 13
    An authorial postcard is a postcard with a painting created by the artist directly for it. The subjects of the authorial cards are diverse: genre and historical scenes, cityscapes and nature, historical, literary, and theatrical characters, woman and fashion.
  • Urban views
    Urban views  11
    Urban views, or postcards with views of cities, memorial sites, attractions constitute a large part of the collection. Cityscape card is not only a cultural monument, but also a source of knowledge about the past. To get an idea of many not existing or distorted monuments of architecture, to understand how whole ensembles of squares and streets at one time or another looked like one can only ... 
  • Documentary postcards
    Documentary postcards 5
    Documentary postcard – a postcard with images of important historical events, ceremonies, political and artistic events, photos from places of natural disasters, military campaigns and battles. Documentary postcards were especially popular in the difficult war and revolutionary years. So, during the Russo-Japanese War photographers of the Community of Saint Eugenia made a lot of pictures of ... 
  • Illustrations
    Illustrations 10
    Illustrations are the cards with illustrations to the works of writers, poets, playwrights, to fairy tales, Russian epics and songs. The Community of St. Eugenia published a series of postcards with illustrations for the works of the poet in honor of the centenary of Alexander Pushkin’s burth. The artists who worked for it were N.N Karazin, E.M.Boehm, M.A.Zichy, V.M.Vasnetsov, etc. The theme ... 
  •  Military postcards
    Military postcards 10
    Cards with different types of troops
  •  Flora and fauna
    Flora and fauna 10
    Images of animals and plants in wild nature and in zoos, botanical gardens
  •  Postcards with  maps
    Postcards with maps 10
    A large series of open letters with the maps of provinces and regions of the Russian Empire, issued by the Head Office of Publications "Russia" (St. Petersburg), appears to be a perfect educational material for the study of our country.

    In addition to the map the coat of arms of the province was depicted together with the brief statistical information about the ... 
  • Panoramic postcards
    Panoramic postcards 5
    Panoramic postcard – a postcard with the image of the terrain, characterized by wide viewing angle. Panoramic postcards can be of the enlarged horizontally size or consist of several cards in conventional format.
  •  Personalities
    Personalities 20
    Portraits of the prominent statesmen, public and cultural figures, military leaders, scientists and others
  • Studio greeting cards
    Studio greeting cards 10
    The most common type of cards – greeting ones, dedicated to some holiday. In pre-revolutionary Russia, for example, the postcards — greetings for Christmas, Easter, Saint's Day, more rarely for New Year — were most popular. Greeting cards were issued by almost all publishers. Many open letters were imported from Europe, which created more competition and forced publishers to find new ... 
  • Political postcards
    Political postcards 10
    Promotional postcards, posters, cartoons
  •  Advertising postcards
    Advertising postcards 10
    Postcards, advertising firms or goods as well as cards, announcing cultural events
  • Reproductions
    Reproductions 10
    Postcards with reproductions of the works of fine art
  • Souvenir postcards
    Souvenir postcards 10
    Gift cards ("Gruss aus...", "Greetings from...", "Souvenir de...") – are cards "in memory" associated with the memories of someone or something and containing the appropriate treatment. These cards are specially created artistic compositions using hand-drawn or photographic images of a variety of attractions, famous places, etc. This series of ... 
  • Transport postcards
    Transport postcards  15
    Postcards with the images of the means of transport and transport infrastructure
  • Ethnographic postcards
    Ethnographic postcards 20
    A series of postcards depicting people in national costumes