Cities of the world in photographs

28 587 units. The collection of photographs of the cities of the world is the unique collection of West-European photography of 1850s - 1900-ies, which presents the views of the cities of Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain made by such masters, as Alfredo Noack, Giacomo Broggi, Giorgio Sommer, brothers Nerden, Axel Lindahl, Ludwig Hardtmut, Ramon Almela, Francis Fritt and many others. In the collection there are views of Prague and Warsaw, as well as New York and Chicago. The collection of townscapes and genre pictures of Russia and near abroad in the second half of the XIX - early XX centuries forms not a smaller part of the storage. Such cities as Moscow, Kiev, Kazan, Minsk, Ekaterinburg, Odessa, Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk, Astrakhan, Yalta, Sevastopol, Pyatigorsk, Sochi and many others are widely represented. Among the photographers whose works form this part of the collection it is worth mentioning M. P. Nastyukov and I. F. Barshchevsky, showing the front face of Moscow in XIX century; A. O. Karelin and W. A. Carrick — the first masters of Russian genre pictures; F. Gadaev, A. Engel, F. Ordan, I. Lange — authors of the classic views of Caucasus; F. Orlov, A. Zimmermann, I. Semyonov, Otto Renard, V. Sokornov, S. Rainish, without whom it is impossible to imagine the Crimean photo. Especially noteworthy is photographer Dmitry Yermakov — there are his photos with views of Caucasus and the Turkish album. The photos of Middle and Far East: Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Japan, China, Ceylon are well represented. The department also houses unique documentary photographs of the period of the First World War, acquired by the Museum within N. S. Tagrin’s collection.

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