ABC of Polish Design

Temporary exhibitions Peter and Paul fortress
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ABC of Polish Design from 13 November 2019 to 6 January 2020 Peter and Paul fortress, Engeneer's House The exhibition was prepared by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Warsaw, Poland) as a part of a program to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Independence of Poland. 100 works of the best Polish designers created over the past 100 years as well as 100 of different illustrations. Among the 100 objects, visitors will be able to see furniture, glass and porcelain, logos, children's toys, a locomotive, a glider, a scooter, the most delicious Polish delicacy “Bird's milk” and a rubber ring “Ringo” (sports equipment for the game of the same name invented in Poland). The exhibition includes both modern projects and those that have already acquired the status of classics. The objects shown at the exhibition in chronological order make it possible to see the development of Polish design, combining innovation and following traditions. Next to the objects there are the works of 25 contemporary Polish artists dedicated to the art of design. The project involves masters with very different backgrounds working in different techniques and styles, many specializing in book graphics. Among them are the masters of the Polish school of illustration, graphics of the younger and middle generation, whose works today are winning awards around the world, and very young artists who have just graduated. Free admission