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Large paintings from 26 May 2017 to 5 October 2017 State Horse Breeding Department
Entrance from Griboyedova Embankment

The exhibition presents a number of large paintings from the Soviet art collection and contemporary art and graphics collection from the State Museum of the History of St Petersburg. These works of art were created by a special order to be displayed at certain exhibition venues and interiors. Between the exhibitions these works due to their size are rolled up at the museum storage venues.

Highlights of the collection are three paintings by the apprentices of Pavel Filonov (1883-1941): My home is my castle (Laborists) by Boris Gurvich (1905-1985), Kinto (Tiflis Bazaar) by Dmitry Krapivny (1904-1940) and New life (May 1) by Yevgeny Kibrik (1906-1978). These works were created in 1927 for the exhibition at the House of printing.

The House of printing was located in the former palace of the Shuvalov family at 21 Fontanka River Embankment; now the building houses The Fabergé Museum. The MAI association (Masters of Analytical Art) exhibited more than 20 large format works at the Belokolonnoy Hall of the palace. Only half of these works have survived to our time, and four of them are held by the State Museum of the History of St Petersburg. In 1985, these paintings were handed over to the museum as a gift from Boris Gurvich, disciple and follower of Pavel Filonov. The works were exhibited for the 60th anniversary of the MAI in 1987 at the exhibition hall of the Administration of Regional Museums (54 Liteiny Avenue) and for the 80th anniversary in 2007 at the White Hall of the Rumyantsev Mansion (44 English Embankment).

In 1946-1947, four paintings by Vladimir Serov (1910-1968) and Nikolai Korchagin were commissioned for this hall; they were devoted to the major events in the history of the city such as the founding of St Petersburg, October Revolution and World War II. Until 1993 these works adorned the friezes of the Soviet Hall of the Mariinsky Palace. During restoration works and due to the new historical tendencies the paintings were dismantled. They are displayed in museum halls for the first time.

Painting by Vladimir Serov Under the banner of Lenin, led by Stalin, proceed, to victory! was probably created in 1944 for the permanent exhibition at the Museum of the Defence, when the museum was opened. After the museum was closed, in 1953, the painting was handed over to the Museum of the History of Leningrad, and in 1965, it was written off the inventory (apparently due to de-Stalinization process) and was supposed to be destroyed.

Painting by Anatoly Kazantsev (1908-1984) The arrival of Lenin in Petrograd on April 3, 1917 was created in 1967 as a special order for the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution. It was displayed at the exhibition "Leningrad during the years of Soviet power" in Rumyantsev Mansion for some time, but in the late 1980s it was dismantled when restoration works occurred.

Full-size cartoons for a mosaic panel in the Memorial Hall of the Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad have never been displayed before. These cartoons were created in 1977-1978 by Ivan Uralov (born 1948), Nikita Fomin (born 1949) and Sergei Repin (born 1948). Composition Victory consists of seven parts the height of which is more than 4 meters, and the total length of the whole composition is 13.5 meters.

Nonconformity is represented by large works by Yury Zharkikh (born 1930) of the brightest figure of this movement in Gazonevskaya Culture (series of exhibitions at cultural centres “Gaza” and “Nevsky”) of the 1960-1980s, one of the founders of the Society for Experimental Visual Art. The paintings are based on the verses of the famous Leningrad poets Vladimir Earle (born 1947) and Victor Krivulin (1944-2001). Zharkikh currently lives and works in France. In 2008, Isaac Kushner organised a solo exhibition of the artist in St Petersburg. One of the albums from the series Avangard na Neve was devoted to his works. In 2009, philanthropist Alekandr Gutnitsky presented the works from the exhibition to the museum. 

Entrance fee: adults - 200 rub; students - 100 rub.

Open daily from 11:00 to 19:00