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Classics of Croatian photography from 14 July 2017 to 6 August 2017

Exhibition "Classics of Croatian Photography" in 80 photographs presents a selection of works by key artistic personalities whose photographs marked the period from the beginning of photojournalism in the thirties (Tošo Dabac, Đuro Janeković), and the fifties (Milan and Slavka Pavić) which were characterized with the media development which was influenced by other artistic styles (Constructivism, Abstract art) and subjective photography to Mladen Tudor's photographs of the seventies and the eighties which captured Croatian and foreign reality, but also go beyond simple documentarism in the spirit of neo-realist poetics.

Photographs vary in themes and form, which despite their original purpose (photo-reportage, art photography, experiment ...), today we observe in the context of a gallery as "small monographic presentations", a sort of pars pro toto of individual artistic trends of the previous century presented through works of leading photographers of the time as we discover their interests and sensibilities.

Their works were already presented in the similar exhibition. In 2012 they were shown at the exhibition entitled "Croatian Photography through the Eyes of Peter Knapp" which premiered in Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, and then other Croatian and European cities. A selection of photographs for the exhibitions was made by the world-renowned photographer and photo editor Peter Knapp, who from a long and rich history of Croatian photography chose segments closest to contemporary sensibility.

Representative exhibition "Classics of Croatian Photography" presents one possible selection which can appeal to connoisseurs and lovers of the history of Croatian photography, but also to a wider audience. The selected works display thematic, stylistic and technical value in the development of Croatian photography confirming synchronicity of styles with global trends, however at the same time emphasizing the authorial specificity characterized by space and time of their creation, making this exhibition an unavoidable stop in the study and enjoyment in Croatian photography and its presentation to the worldwide audience.