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Temporary exhibitions Peter and Paul fortress
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Houses of Peter the Great from 26 December 2016 to 6 August 2017

Peter and Paul Fortress, Commandant’s House

The exhibition tells about the houses and palaces that exist and have not survived to our days, in which the first Russian Emperor Peter the Great stayed during his travels.

The importance of the Tsar, Peter the Great, for the history of Russia cannot be overestimated. Thanks to his vivid mind and energy, the Russian Empire moved from one triumph to the next, expanding the state borders, enriching spiritually and materially, but at the same time preserving its cultural integrity and identity. “He knew that it is good in Europe, but he was never seduced by it,” wrote Klyuchevsky. about Peter the Great, proving that he borrowed from abroad only what it seemed to be useful. In addition to acquaintance with European culture which undoubtedly influenced the development of Russian culture, Peter the Great could acquire knowledge in the field of shipbuilding and navigation. Houses, palaces and hotels, in which the tsar stayed during his travels and military campaigns, are preserved as memorials connected with the memory of him.

This exhibition is a kind of guide to Peter’s places in Russia and Europe. It united engravings, postcards with images of the royal houses from the collection of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg. The exhibition is accompanied by multimedia programs with video tours to the houses of Peter I in Kadriorg, Zaandam, Strelna and Derbent.

Besides, the exhibition gives an idea of the reforming king personality, his interests and habits. It tells about funny events that occurred during the travelling.

Entrance to the exhibition by ticket of the Commandant’s House.