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Reception of visitors in the Funds is performed once a week on Tuesdays. In case of much work in the Fund and arising queue the custodian of the Fund has the right to postpone the date of the visit of the Fund to another visiting day. During reconciliation and transfer of collections for safekeeping receiving visitors in the Fund is not performed. Visiting the Funds is made upon the permission of the Chief custodian on basis of the written application of an organization or private application indicating the topic being studied.

The right to use images of the Museum objects is available under the prepaid contract; the value of the right to use images is determined by the contract. The basis for the contract is a letter of guarantee from an organization, publishing house, specifying its requisite elements, contact numbers, name of the publication, the estimated circulation, list of exhibits, etc. Urgent requests for publication are not met. For collecting, capturing (digitizing), the registration of the contract and payment at least 30 days are required. The Museum reserves the right to refuse the use of images of previously unpublished pieces.

Shooting films, TV-reports and photographs are possible under the contract with advanced payment, the cost of services being determined by the contract. The basis for the contract is a letter of guarantee by the organization concerned with requisite elements, contact numbers, preferred dates and content of the shooting. The pre-approval of the Chief custodian is required. The Museum reserves the right of refusal. Urgent requests for the shooting are not performed. At least 10 days are required for registration of contract and payment. Shooting of Museum objects in a poor state of preservation is prohibited. Shooting films in the rooms of the Museum and using of the original exhibits while shooting are strictly prohibited. Exceptions to this paragraph are not allowed. Documentaries are allowed in exceptional cases. Shooting is done without moving and remounting of the exhibits.